Business development and consultancy services

Do you know the top reasons why so many businesses fail to succeed in China while other achieves success?

How much more successful could you be when you know how to thrive in one of the most dynamic, complex and promising markets in the world?


Market research and entry strategy project

China & Chain analyses the market situation in terms of demand size and growth potential, customer behaviour, competition, pricing, promotion and distribution, helping the client to
create and implement an effective business plan. Having an excellent awareness of Chinese market peculiarities, China & Chain's
thorough market research helps our clients to identify suitable market segments which will enable them to market their products effectively

Business Credit Report

China & Chain provides our objective, accurate business credit report to our clients. With our business credit report you will be able to get to know:

  • business background and registration information of the company
  • comprehensive financial information of the company
  • credit risk factors of the company
  • banking, trade and collection history of the company

Establishing legal entity in China or Europe

Unlike many other countries, registering a business in China may require the assistance of an agency authorized by the government. Register a business in China is a complicated multi-step process and using a professional agent can substantially smoothen and speed up the process.

More over, China & Chain helps the Chinese organizations and companies establishing their legal entity here in Europe.