Outsourcing & marketing



China & Chain acts as your extended buying office in China and offers substantial real dollar savings on your bottom line by being fast and reliable in sourcing a vast number of product and material types. We make sure that our clients' products are distributed quickly to the right target group and create a growing brand awareness of the product with our people.

China & Chain is a professional sourcing company dedicated to helping small and medium-sized companies purchase high quality and competitively priced goods from China.

China & Chain works with companies such as wholesalers, importers, distributors from Scandinavia. Our services include searching for potential manufacturers and organising meetings with them, assisting our clients in negotiations, guiding them through manufacturing implementation processes and controlling quality.


  • In Familiar Product Areas
    China & Chain has a range of trusted suppliers whose goods we can confidently recommend in specific product categories. This saves you many of the delays and misunderstandings connected with starting up with new suppliers. It also allows us to focus on technologies and production methods that we know very well indeed.

  • In New Product Areas
    According to our clients' needs, China & Chain is prepared to move into new product categories. Of course, this is a more extensive process than working with a well-know partner manufacturer that already produces the type of goods you need. The process is driven by the technology used in the production, the necessary certifications and negotiations.

  • ODM – Manufacturing According to Our Client's Design
    China's manufacturing companies are becoming more technologically advanced, and less reliant on cheap labour and " cloning " existing products to be profitable. China & Chain has a selection of trusted and tested suppliers capable of bringing complex products from the drawing board to reality.

  • Supervision of Existing Production
    China & Chain can take over and, in many cases, streamline the production and shipping of existing sourcing projects.


China & Chain knows our marketplace and stays up-to-date with all new innovations and developments. We understand the importance of accurate forecasting. We work closely together with our customer, and we always advise customers to make field trips.

Launching a western brand in eastern countries such as China, a culturally different country, is particularly difficult. You must consider the eastern countries' different languages and dialects. Two international marketing strategies – standardisation and localisation – are common in global branding and advertising. Consumers may prefer brands that seem local to international brands that sound or look foreign. The questions are when should one adopt a global brand strategy, keep the brand name in the original language or localise through brand names in local languages? Given the size of its economy, foreign brand strategies are particularly important in China.

China & Chain can help you to develop the strategies required for foreign brands.