CHINA & CHAIN ​​enters into a partnership alliance with CSIMC, the largest state-owned actor in the Chinese healthcare market

CHINA & CHAIN is proudly to announce that it has entered into a partnership alliance with CSIMC from China.

CSIMC (China National Scientific Instruments & Materials Corporation) is a subsidiary of the Sinopharm Group, which is the largest pharmaceutical company in China.

CHINA & CHAIN is CSIMC partner in the EU and the two organizations cooperate on product distribution in China, healthcare services and healthcare project developments. This collaboration will seek and exploit new opportunities and potential to the benefit of the Chinese healthcare sector.

The Chinese healthcare market in 2012 will have a magnitude of around 120 billion USD. Of these, about 15 billion USD comprises medical devices. This area is growing in volume by about 17% annually in China. Medical equipment imports account for approximately 55% of the medical device market.

CHINA & CHAIN is currently negotiating and cooperating with suppliers of healthcare devices and systems in the EU area with the objective of new product introductions or sales boost of products already at the market in China.

For further more information, please contact Ms. Yan Maria Li


Edited February 31, 2012