Why us

Here are a few typical situations where you will greatly benefit from collaborating with China & Chain.
China & Chain generates substantial results and profits for people wishing to engage in the Chinese market, whether this concerns purchasing and outsourcing from China, or a wish to sell and distribute products in China

  • more than 20 years experience of doing business in China, Europe and the US.
  • quick access to local business through our strong relationships and network in China and Europe.
  • strong resources with comprehensive local know-how and experienced professionals.
  • capability for selling goods in the Chinese market while significantly reducing costs and tariffs by directly distributing your products through our extensive network.
  • capability of sourcing the right products from the right supplier or manufacturer in China at competitive prices and a targeted level of quality.
  • China & Chain can act on your behalf. China & Chain learns and understands your objectives and your business.
  • our approach is based on personal and direct attention to you.
  • we are flexible and ready to adopt to your needs in terms of capacity, range, speed and costs.
  • China & Chain creates a win-win situation with you by being a reliable partner and creating new business opportunities for everyone involved.

Call us or send us an email for an initial discussion for how China & Chain can meet your specific needs and demands.