You, our clients


You, our clients

  • You are seeking an opportunity in China but lack specific Chinese knowledge and experience to properly evaluate the approaches, opportunities and risks in the market.
  • You are sourcing products, you have found a supplier for your products from China, but are not sure about the supplier's quality and people.
  • You need to be sure that your product is suitable to sell to the Chinese consumer market with more than 1.3 billion consumers.
  • You have already committed yourself to enter China, but require help in "market entry" and early-stage implementation activities.
  • You already have operations in China, but require a partner to provide strategic, operational or relationship assistance and who can help if a problem arises.
  • You wish to know more about the risks and/or potential profits for your business in China.
  • You wish to learn about how to manage your business with Chinese.

You are a company outside China

  • do you want to promote and sell more your products in growing China?
  • are increased costs of component parts threatening a major product line in your company?
  • is your company facing increasing price competition from competitors – even in a high-end product market?
  • is problem-solving on supply-related issues taking up too much of your time?
  • do you have ideas for new products - but not enough capacity in your existing production to realise them?
  • do you want to free up resources and focus more on sales, marketing, design, product development and other core areas – and less on production/supply?

You are a company in China:

  • do you wish to promote your products in Europe and Scandinavia, but have no idea about the demand and pricing because you have no experience in this market?
  • do you believe you can sell more in Europe and Scandinavia than you already do today, but have no real idea about how your products are promoted and distributed today in this market, and therefore find it difficult to make a strategy and plan how to expand?
  • does your strategy include establishing your business in Europe but you have no staff resources with experience or local knowledge that can implement this?
  • you need a reliable partner with many years of experience, who speaks Mandarin and who understands your business and objectives.